Solving the word “Can’t”

Well-trained, specialized, highly educated individuals see complex problems. We think outside the box. The most complex problems consist of a group of simple solutions.

To state it bluntly: You are too focused and too smart to solve your problem.

For products that are easy to design and can’t be built.

SOC3D Plastics Manufacturing for the Defense Industrial Base.

For processes that can’t be automated

Regardless if the problem is complexity or cost.

Foster Parents “Can’t” get ahold of the workers and resources they need to care for their foster and adoptive children.

We “can’t
use Third Party materials in our Stratasys® Printers.

And other “Razor Blade and Ink Cartridge” models.

We can’t find a Bitcoin ATM

I can’t find someone to print and sell my designs.

ThingHero is a 3D Parts Brand. Providing thousands of premade items and custom offerings.

I can’t rapidly prototype this part.

SOC3D Plastics Manufacturing

Building Everything from Toys to Satellites.

Solving 2D Photography

Modeled Citizen is our 3D Photography Brand. Creating Beautiful 3D prints from photos of you!

Information Technology

With over a decade of experience in Cryptocurrency and several decades in IT Security, Cryptography, Systems Administration, we also solve several Information Technology “Can’t”s